8-year-old boy in Detroit is brought to tears after getting his 1 wish Video

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. We saw an image of a boy in his new bedroom and wanted to know more. Our person of the week. Watch as 8-year-old dear Neeley sees his bedroom for the first time. He and his mother have been momentless. Open them. Ah! What do you think? Oh, my gosh. Sweetie, it’s all for you. He is overcome. Homeless for nearly six years after Diana lost her job. At the time she had been using the money she had been earning to train as a nurse. They are living in this house with help from the state but could not afford furniture, a bed. A local group run by a Detroit couple stepping in to help they are the cofounders of humble design. We take your donated goods and all your Nick knacks and repurpose it for families sleeping on the floor providing hope and dignity for those who have lost it. Just watch Lamont brown’s reaction. This is yours. You can see how powerful it is when a child finally sees a bed in their room. And when the couple heard about dear and his mother they got to work again, the before and after in the living room and that little boy’s bedroom before and after and tonight — Hi, David. That mother and son with a message for everyone who helped. We want to thank everyone for all the love and support we received. One more surprise. Knowing that she had started nursing school, U-Haul given her a check to be used to finish her nursing school. To help you realize your of nursing school, I would like to present you this check for $10,000. Oh. And just look at her boy, his smile says it all. Generosity and a chance to get their life back. And so we choose that mother and son and all those who helped. I’m David Muir. Thanks for From Boston’s new leader, WCVB newscenter five at 7:00.

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