Women with the most common kind of breast cancer can skip chemotherapy: Study Video

Transcript for Women with the most common kind of breast cancer can skip chemotherapy: Study

Tnks so much. It’s a “Gma” hea a. A grbreaking newdy finding tens O thousands of women bing breast cancer can skip chemotpy. Ouief medical corondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton I here even we all kw it uch a H groundbreaking new study becausechemo is probably S of the mostrueling treatments any woman could face. This isargeting acific type ofret cancer patient but it ATS a lot, ten of thousands of wo Calle a landmark trial. Hereisht here hot off thpresses a let’s start with who. Who hormone receptor positive r2 negative without hg spread to the lymph nodes. What it fou they did a genic test on thetur, diffent than the brca bloodest and took a fingerprint of the tumor D gives a score 0 to 100. Ths used to predict T risk of recure. If you’re low you can safely S you don’t need chemo. If you’re high obviously chemra been sho to be beneficial.e keyuestion what to do with people in the intermediate range withcore 11 to 25, T the majority of women O 70%. I had a 23that was my score as well but mine spread to my lymph nodes S chherapy is still an five treatment option for some patients. We don’t want people to hear this and say no chemo for any type of cancer it did foipd a survival benefit and risk – recurrence risk benefit in women UND the age of 50 even if they wenhe intermediate R but we to balance risk versus benefit if you can S people the negative side effects — It’s incredible. It’s big. You mention cost. There was a financial cost of tt this tt to get you score, right? This wide available. The study was partially funded by the M of O of these test there are sev out there. Itwidespread. Almost always C by insurance and medicar but it does come with a $3,000 price tag bu amy,s is the defion of precision CI. It’s target not jus for you but type of you have. It’s pretty remarkable. This is the exciting news I the world of cancer. En Ashton, THA as always. Over to gi.

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